CONMEBOL: Peru’s Paolo Guerrero could make it to Russia as he faces FIFA’s tribunal next week and a political party that has no place in football.

The road to Russia 2018 has been filled with success stories branching from all over the world from Egypt, Africa and then to Lima, Peru, where after 35 years the blanquirojo are finally headed to a World Cup.

However, their road to Russia has been nothing short of easy after successfully claiming the playoff spot ahead of rivals and two time Copa America champions Chile on goal difference. But Peru are ending 2017 on a sour note as off the field decisions have put their festivities briefly on hold as two decisions behind closed doors could make or break a nations heart.

Wonder boy Paolo Guerrero sweating on next week’s decision

Paolo Guerrero, Peru’s top goal scorer fell short of entering football folklore history as the man to solely take Peru to a World Cup after 35 years. After Peru’s successful 0-0 away draw to Argentina and Chile’s failure to win, the final day of CONMEBOL’s World Cup qualification was one to savour. Peru hosted Colombia as Chile went away to Brazil where the Selecao ran out 3-0 winners as Peru consolidated fifth place with a 1-1 draw at home where Paolo Guerrero scored a thunderous yet provocative free kick goal that sealed Peru’s fate.

Paolo’s Guerrero’s heroic performance was smeared a week later after a regulatory doping session proved he was under a banned influence after versing Argentina.

The Peruvian national team flew without Guerrero to New Zealand as part of their 1st leg intercontinental playoff which ended in a 0-0 draw. However, in Lima Peru were unstoppable putting on a valiant performance winning 2-0 as Farfan dedicated his opening to Guerrero.

Next Thursday Paolo Guerrero, according to Peru’s Libero, will fly to Zurich to learn of his fate in front of FIFA’s tribunal.

There is light at the end of the tunnel as Paolo Guerrero has no previous record meaning a lighter sentence, music to the ears of millions of Peruvians as there is hope he may feature in Russia at the ripe age of 33.

Paolo Guerrero and his team are well armed for the trial hiring Marcos Motta who famously cleared Neymar’s transfer to Paris Saint Germain.

As soon as the decision is made the beginning of the ban will start on the 5th October, a day after the Argentina match ending on the 5th April.

A political party could end a Nations dream

“El Fujimmorismo presenta proyecta para controlar la FPF (Federación Peruana de Fútbol). Se se aprueba, FIFA desafilara al Peru por intromisión política en el fútbol y nos quedaremos sin Mundial.”

“Fujimorism (past President) presents a project for FPF (Football Federation of Peru) to be controlled by the government. If it is passed, FIFA will disaffiliate Peru for political involvement in football and we will be without a World Cup.”

Paloma Noceda is at the head of the party ‘Fujimorismo’ who says Peru could still make it Russia.

“There May be concern from FIFA, but we need to do this in terms of the good of Peruvian sport. No bill will prevent Peru from to the World Cup,” she continues. “If this Peru could affect Peru it will be debated and withdraw. A project is simply a draft.”

Many nations are keeping tabs on this around the world as Italy and Chile are among candidates should this bill go through.

Article number 7 of the World Cup rules says: “if a participating federation withdraws or is expelled from the competition, the FIFA Organisation Committee will decide with discretion and without consulting any other body on the measures to be taken. These measures may be the replacement of said Federation for another.”

The result of whether this bill will pass should be known in the next few days as pressure mounts on the far right party with rivals hoping this bill does not pass in the Peruvian Congress.