Juventus have successfully reached their second UEFA Champions League semi-final in three years. Quiet a statistic right? To make it sound even better they have done so claiming eight clean sheets and two goals conceded and swiping past Barcelona at the final hurdle.

The Old Lady has done so, again, with feeling no pressure at all as the only Italian club who has gotten past the group stage and further over the past four years. Others like AS Roma, have not come close.

So, what is it with Juventus who today can win the trebble? Without practically breaking a sweat? Outstanding.

Domestically Juventus are untouchable. To be on the way to winning their sixth consecutive Scudetto is really something special alongside having a Coppa Italia Final to play against Lazio in June.

Over the course of their success Juventus, alike many in Europe, were forced to make, as many thought, damaging personnel changes. Gone were Pirlo, Vidal, Pogba. Players who were pivotal for Juventus’ Champions League Final campaign in 2014. After losing the golden trio Juventus got even better with signing Dybala, Pjanic, Khedira, Sandro, Lemina, Hernanes (fail) players who have made a vital impact on this team and steered them on the road Juventus are on today.

Those signings were masterful by Allegri and co because there is no other team in the world who transfer window after transfer window profit not only money but performances from players. Dybala today is set to be one of the biggest in Europe, Sandro is a world-class defender, Lemina in midfield is as solid as anything, Pjanic is coming to life, and Khedira has solidified his game with Juventus. Of course, there are many more to name but no one stands taller than ‘BBC’.


Name a more iconic trio I’ll wait.

In today’s world defenders are technical, faster, reactive, have great vision going forward, stronger and the fact is this golden tri of Juventus defenders possess those traits and more.

The Italian Serie A has never really caught the eye of the media as much as it did way back then. Some people do not understand it or don’t find it entertaining. I have had many arguments over the Serie A, defending it, tried to convince people to let go of their prejudices but no.

One thing is for certain is that Italians are the best defenders in the world. Bonucci has been of paramount value on Juventus’ way to consecutive Scudetti and Champions League finals. Barzagli, I have no words, he is a warrior. Club or country this man has been at his prime for years giving it all and more even through some tough times. Chiellini ‘il Gorrilla’ is something else.

These three players have gone from strength to strength in their careers and have carried Juventus’ character to major tournaments.

Much was said about ‘M (Messi) S (Suarez) N (Neymar)’ in the build up of the first-leg in Turin and less of ‘BBC’. What many were expecting was a classic Barcelona match of possession, possession and more possession. However, in Italy defence wins you matches and yes, goals too.

Even though Juventus ran out 3-0 at home and finished the job off with a 0-0 draw. They won the match on aggregate but also from Buffon through to the defence and on. Buffon kept eight clean sheets in 10 games all that thanks to the three men in front of him and yes, his godsend of majestic saves.

Allegri praised Barzagli post match at the Camp Nou saying when Barzagli came on Juventus could have played all day without conceding. True.

Going forward

What can I even allude to about Juventus’ attack? What more can I say that has not already been said. Dybala is unstoppable, Cuadrado’s work rate was immense, Higuain does not stop and the midfield is just classy. Even witht he injury to ‘il principino’ Marchisio Juventus have been solid. As Claudio Marchisio recovers Juventus  have even more fire-power.

Juventus have got it all to win the Champions League in 2017. A well-drilled team of champions, pride and passion from the top to the bottom and a team that wants to win for one another.

The sleeping lady is no more. She has awoken again and will continue to cause havoc as far as they go.

Next stop is the draw, whoever team Juventus are ready. There is no one to fear.


Written by javierasilvab

Javiera, from Sydney, just a lover of the beautiful game. Twitter: @javierasilva95 Email: javierasilva12@hotmail.com

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