We can all admit and come to terms that Australia and its people have answered passionately, we are a footballing nation, we love the round ball just as much as others prefer oval balls, but we the fans, and most importantly our players deserve a tonne more respect when they decide to come home and play in front of us.

The Socceroos, Asian Champions, are coming off an International friendly hosted by England last week, where our boys were ‘just’ beaten 2-1 by the Three Lions at Sunderland and are now gearing up to play in Sydney against old foes, Greece tonight at Stadium Australia.


As mentioned, the Socceroos are not just any national team, we conquered a continent, we beat all of Asia to now wear that crown with pride and call ourselves, Asian Champions, continue to correct anyone who believes “it’s just Asia” or “of course you guys would win it, look who you’re versing,” and so on, but we did and in the end and our  name is engraved on that trophy and to be frank, it was about time.


The National Team has been a huge progress for Australia. Coaches have come and gone, players have debuted and since retired, but memories do not fade. You ask any fan/person and they’ll say our best victory as a nation, to turn all the non-believers into believers was qualifying for the 2006 World Cup in Germany and so it was. So why today, in 2016, we still don’t quite have the fan base, still have the believers or have the respect from other codes? That is the question bugging me and many others.

Tonight, as mentioned, we are up against 2004 European Champions Greece at ANZ Stadium, a stadium ‘shared’ by a number of different codes,  Why in Australia or more so Sydney is this still happening?

In a recent interview, Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglu outed his frustration of exactly that, why in 2016, a country where their national team are continental champions have to welcome the Greece National Team to a stadium that was used two nights ago for State of Origin and just patch-up what was ruined and just ‘shake it off’ WE ARE EMBARASSED! is it so much to ask for as Ange wants, “World class” facilities for our boys, for us? it is really unacceptable.

It is a political issue, the funds, our voices have not been heard even during the regular A-League season, the Asian Cup, pitches were horrendous but again we just had to bury our heads and hope nobody realised, but we did, and do week after week. Why, during the A-League season and when NRL matches clash we have to be on edge ‘hoping’ the pitch doesn’t get ‘too’ ruined for us, but it does.

Times have changed & we need to be recognised.

Yes, England is a footballing nation, it has been part of their culture for years, their competition(s) are much older than ours but why should they be excuses? for me it’s just plain ignorance.

Touching on England’s reputation and their fields Ange believes they, “take pride in what they present,” and in the end the groundsmen “took great pride in presenting a top-class pitch. I want us to feel the same.” When can we feel that pride?

Times have changed, football has evolved in ways that has even caught us by surprise but here in Australia the ‘put a blind eye’ act is also getting old. We are welcoming teams to pitches where mud is present, patchy holes, and some green on the field…really? We aren’t asking to be put ahead of others but we are asking to play on a pitch that won’t in some cases cause injury, impede the game albeit the speed or the bounce, we just want something to be proud of.

Is it a political issue? do we have people who in the end just don’t care? prefer other codes more than others? It’s sad but if a politician or someone has the balls to answer those questions then well know where we stand. When that will be who knows, we can’t keep settling to these conditions because we’re over it, that time has gone and we are here now and will be forever, football wont stop and neither will we.


Written by javierasilvab

Javiera, from Sydney, just a lover of the beautiful game. Twitter: @javierasilva95 Email: javierasilva12@hotmail.com

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