Manchester City

Wedenesday 16th of March 2016 Manchester City made history. For the first time in the clubs long, battled years Manchester City reached the Quarter-Finals of the Champions League after a 0-0 (3-1) aggregate score against Dynamo Kiev. 

Clocking back the years and remembering relegation battles that were, playing 2nd division, winning Cups, winning the PL for the first time and now in the top 8 of European royalty in my opinion, that just might just top them all. 

In football and in life, respect is hard to gain and boy did City have to battle with everyone. It took men from the UAE to bless our club and see the vision fans have had for years, to be one of the ‘big boys’ to finally shut up and step out of the shadow of yes, European royalty Manchester United. So yes, this is our moment, this is our time to take hold of this competition and give it everything we’ve got, what have we to lose? We are 2 time Premier League Champions, English Cup Champions…

2008 was the year  Sheik Mansour bought MCFC for £210 million. The rest is history. 

I and as many not questioned the buying of MCFC but more so, what can these new owners bring to both the club itself and the Premier League in General?

2008/09 season: 

Manager: Hughes

Premier League: 10th

FA Cup: third round 

League Cup: Quarter Final
2009/10 Season: 

Manager: Hughes

Premier League: 5th

FA Cup: Fifth round

League Cup: Semi-finals
2010/11 Season
Manager: Roberto Mancini

Premier League: 3rd


League Cup: Third round

UEFA Europa League: Round of 16
2011/12 Season

Manger: Mancini

Premier League: 1st

FA Cup: Third round

League Cup: Semi finals

UEFA Champions League: Group stage (3rd)

UEFA Europa League: Round of 16
2012/2013 season

Manager: Mancini

Premier League: 2nd

FA Cup: Runner up

League Cup: Third round

UEFA Champions League: Group Stage (4th)

FA Community Shield: WINNERS 
2013/2014 Season

Manger: Manuel Pellegrini

Premier League: WINNERS 

FA Cup: Sixth-round

League Cup: WINNERS

UEFA Champions League:  Round of 16
2014/15 Season

Manager: Manuel Pellegrini

Premier League: 2nd

FA Cup: Fourth round

League Cup: Fourth roound

UEFA Champions League: Round of 16

FA Community Shield: Runners-up
2015/16 Season 

Continues…..  A we stand right now Mnachester City are 4th, 12 points behind Leicester in 1st, and League Cup Champions and as of last night into the final 8 of the Champions League.

The progress over the past 7 seasons under Sheik Mnasour and EL-Mubarak speaks for itself. Never underlining the money they were willing to give to Managers to create a team of future winners is second to none. Players in whch have grown into men, have written themselves into this Club’s history. 

Each season bettered the other, from finally craking the top 4, finishing 2nd, WINNING the Premier League and playing European football now for 6 seasons is nothing short of a huge acheivement.  

From the Keegan era of stability, promotion, relegation, change of ownerships, to now, writing their own history this club is a story for the ages, looking over the 7 seasons the results and progress speak for theselves and to last night’s result man isn’t it a good times to be a blue. 

The signing of Brazilians, Robinho, Elano, Jo,  and Stephan Ireland, Shaun Wright-Phillips 

2009/10 Carlos Tevez from Manchester United!!! and becoming top goal scorer with 23 and in all 29 competitions 29!

28th of July 2011 Manchester City sign Sergio Aguero.  23 goals and in all comps 30! none more memorable than 93:20 AGGUERRROO! 

Signings such as Silva, Yaya Toure, Kompany, Sterling, Kevin De Bryune to name a few have all been fundamental to Manchester City’s successes and in every way should be recognised as years go on.

How this club has grown as a global brand all around the world is astonishing. Clubs in Australia with Melbourne City, United States of America with New York City FC and Japan  with Tokohoma F. Marinos and also not forgetting one of the most prestigious football Academy in the world; Manchester City Center of Excelence. 

Being one of the most wealthy football club in the world scruitney from high above has never been silent. Restriction from the UEFA, bans, the fans protesting booing the anthem then more fines now that’s the passion your club wants when it’s been attacked but hey, we’ll take the FPP but nothing more. 

Growing into one of the ‘big boys’ in Europe the tag  attracks attention from the big players which City have signed or are going to sign or for the media proclaims are just something now we have become accustomed to but it’s different with Coaches. We have been lucky enough to hve had great Managers such as Mark Hughes, Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini who have all groomed in their own way and made this team who they are today, winners and a force to be wrecked with. 

As the news broke on Febuary 1st 2016 that Manuel Pellegrini’s contracted is not being renewed this summer they have found a replacement. It is no one else other than Pep Guardiola, the best manager in the world to be City’s manager next season. A big Club needs big managers and now who are City to be next season. 

The list goes on and now City into the Quarter Finals is just now another stepping stone for this club. it took 7 seasons or 8 long years for City to become who they are today. that is why domestically this season can be cruely noted as a failure but they, that’s what you call top teams who are not competing for ALL trophies both domestically and European. I guess we have to realise that now but at the same time take a pause and breathe and realise at the altitude at the heights we are now at. 

Manchester City are now after Thursday’s last match between Barcelona v Arsenal and Bayern Munich v Juventus are going to be drawn up against each other. 


Atletico Madrid

Paris Saint Germain


Real Madrid

Manchester City

Bayern Munich/Juventus 


Manchester City are on the brink of being the only english team left, are they to be filled with pressure? can they deliver? Or, as first-timers are we not to expect anything special or are we to expect them going through, then what?  Friday is the draw and yes i am as the club may or not be, nervous to the bones. Just naming some of the teams listed makes this moment even more mouth-watering than ever. Yes, as a City fan i would prefer the likes of Wolfsburg or Benfica with all due respect but that is football and as City know, the European football draws have in hinesight never been kind to us. 

This night is what this football club has dreamed about, and this is why we need to soak this up and make the most of it and play like we have never played before nevertheless the oppossition. We have nothing to lose but so much to gain as a club and to give to the fans who have stood there in the stands since day one, who have been through thick and thin with this club, who have argued and defended this club against all its forms of insults. We need you City and we need this. We have sat here and watched this roller-coaster season and been there still and we are now more than ever present for you.