Chelsea Arsenal

Well wasn’t that some week of the English Premier League! Blockbuster match-ups backed up with results that really stunned a few and plus, I don’t think the referees had any other colour in their pocket other than red……


Nothing is better than when these two sides come up against each other. The scenes at Stamford Bridge are always jubilant and we are always ready to see this London Derby that over the years has produced one of the best footballing games in history. The football itself is always a thriller but so is the rivalry between the managers, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wegner. We love to see if they will shake hands prior and after the matches and when they don’t its the best. Both managers poke each other in press-conferences, interviews, trolling and memes, and hey they also l 

do get physical for the sake of their team and we as spectators love it. Now to get back to the football it did finish Chelsea winning but, this game had it all. Goals, drama and red cards, yes!

To take this match into consideration for Wenger this was Arsenal’s third game in a a space of a week so Wenger was entitled to make changes. In saying that Wenger made six changes; Cech in goal, Walcott in, Ramsey and Coquelin and Nacho Monreal with Bellerin occupied the flanks.

In the first half arsenal were looking very, very good. Walcott looked very dangerous, his runs made Chelsea’s defence look penetrable. A through ball by Bellerin was perfect but as Walcott got pass Begovic he couldnt keep the ball in play.
As Arsenal were causing the early pressure it didnt take long for Chelsea to start up the engines. Power house Spainards made Cech save a couple shots from Pedro and Costa from 20 yards out. Arsenal’s defense looked very sharp. As Coquelin was proving himself as the ultimate CDM keeping Hazard which then led to a through ball to Walcott via Ozil who again couldn’t put the ball pass Begovic who on the day looked extremely good.

As half-time approached at the Bridge it looked like nothing but GKs were separating these two, but no. The first half could not have finished with nothing less than a red card.
Arsenal were defending a very fast pace counter-attack, as Koscielny and Costa were tugging away in the box as a ball was delivered towards the back post, plus Koscielny was being pushed in the face, went down from a very strong Costa chest bump. The referee on the day was Mike dean, which later handed Gabriel a red for kicking Costa which was not fair at all as Costa should have been shown red for pushing his Koscielny in the face then hitting him with this forearm……Well that’s football. Arsenal entered the sheds with 10 men.

The red card really shook Arsenal’s approach into the second half, a goal down plus a man down, Wenger introduced Chambers in conjunction with Coquelin who during the first half required a little of treatment.
Arsenal took in stride the controversy of late, putting on the first pressure of the game with an Alexis FK just hitting the top of the wall then being deflected out. Not long after, Arsenal conceded a set-piece in Arsenal’s half, a dangerous ball was put into the box by none-other than Fabregas who found Zouma un-marked nodding in his Premier League goal.

That was a huge blow for Arsenal as Chelsea came out firing. The pressure they put Arsenal under only needed to be converted into a goal. As Hazard fired a shot to only have been parried away by Cech into safety.
Under all that pressure Arsenal did have their chances. Ramsey lofted a ball over the Chelsea defense and as Zouma and Cahill misjugded it, Arsenal target man Alexis could not get enough of the ball to finished it off. In the end he for his quality should have put the ball in the back of the net and maybe just maybe, we could have had a real game on our hands.

The game turned open, end to end stuff, a Walcott shot wide, a Hazard effort also wide then an appeal from Costa for a pentalty from a Bellerin challenge. What Arsenal needed was new faces. Wenger brought in Giroud and Chamberlin into the fray to help spark an equaliser. Well those chances were quashed as Cazorla was shown a second yellow for a challenge on Fabregas which led the away side finishing off the last 10 minutes with 9 men……

From the red card onwards it was all Chelsea taking control of the game and showing Arsenal no mercy. As shots were deflected the corner count rising it was only time for Chelsea to slot in their second. Arsenal didn’t give up but you can only do so much with 9 men. Chelsea did score their second through Hazard in the box slotting it past Cech on 91′ cancelling out any brave Arsenal come backs.

Even though Chelsea ran out winners in this match we can all agree if this had finished with no red cards on Arsenal’s side it would have been possibly a different outcome, yes? IMO, Diego Costa should have been found guilty of his earlier actions against Koscielny and Gabriel should not have been sent off. Costa is really that striker we love to hate. He does get rounded up easy and is aggressive which at times goes un-noticed by referees. However, in this case the FA have charged Costa with a three-match ban and Gabriel’s red card also deemed not enough for a red.

We all love it when strikers and CBs get together but when punishment is not given it will cost teams the game and in Arsneal’s case it did. Hats off to the FA for their actions and setting a very strong predecent. Players who think they are fine to do what the like against opponents when the referee turn their backs are wrong. There are so many cameras nowadays that no one is actually safe. We love the game to get physical but in this case no. Yes, the occasion was big, crowd influence is huge but play the ball, its football! All Arsenal can do now is look forward to next week.