Three weeks already into the Premier League season, time does fly when you are having fun! Now, the transfer window has not closed yet, having only 2 weeks left of it lets recap the top rumors.

Oh poor Arsenal, why is that every transfer window they are always so close to signing a top class striker and….it just does not go through. Last season and for almost 2 seasons they have wanted El Pipita Higuain, didn’t happen, and now Karim Benzema! which also sadly didn’t fall through. Even though it was mostly rumours, let’s face it, how badly would have Wenger wanted him in the starting XI possibly playing with a front 2 of Benzema and Giroud? We can dream. It was up to Benzema to clear all of this is via Twitter, “For all those clowns who want to make believe things at my fans. Here this is my home ! #HalaMadridYNadaMas Yeah…sorry gunners, nothing. Let’s face it he is very comfortably at Madrid, scores goals and fans love him so…he is staying. 1 signing this transfer window…..Cech

Chelsea’s defense three games in looks very vulnerable and penetrable. Last season one of the best defense in the Premier League to now….being almost put out to dry by attackers. Mourinho has already changed the back 4 in games. Only keeping with Ivanovic and Azpilicueta. Gary Cahill and the infamous Terry have been shuffled. Whether it be Terry, Cahill, Cahill Zouma. Terry has not been the Terry of late. Looking
out of  pace and not the sharpest. So i guess we can see why Chelsea’s men are pursuing the likes of Stones and now Garay of Zenit! So in the next few days we shall see what happens…
Chelsea landed the signature of Spanish winger Pedro who declined both United and City in favour of the blues debuted on the weekend and to be blatantly honest, welcome to the premier league and great debut. He will give the blues a new dimension and linking up with Fabregas and Diego Costa it will be beautiful A La Ticki Taka!

Manchester City and the transfer window, don’t we all love a team who splashes thecash? Yes, everyone argues “they bought the titles” blah blah, get over it! why can’t team with powerful investors want a team of champions and to change the entirity of it’s image to the world???! Who would have thought ever, City would now be one of Europe’s heavyweights, or beating the likes of United in the transfer window (feels so good)! so i think everyone can get over their jealousy!
Okay, City have been pursuing Kevin De Bruyne for weeks now and still nothing! Negotiations have been going on and it’s almost like Wolfsburg don’t seem to budge an inch (City fans almost losing their…) I mean, what team would want to let go of a young CAM who held the highest amount of assists last season in the Bundesliga? I can see why City want him, City want to win all trophies this season, PL, Capital One Cup, FA Cup and *possibly* the Champions League. Serious team rotation goes on and players like Yaya, Silva and Nasri will need their rest and when you have a Midfield of Toure, Silva, KDB and Aguero upfront….

Manchester United, talk about signings galore!! but I think i speak for all, when will they sign a serious striker!! Rooney is out of sorts, Depay can’t do it all on his own.they have scored one goal in three games! First they didn’t land Cavani, then the talks of Hummels, RAMOS, Bale, Pedro. If it is one position they need to recruite its the striker and boy do they need to hurry! You have 2 weeks Van Gaal or, you know, whenever you want to startscoring Rooney…..