For some of us the international break could have not arrived at a better time for your respected clubs and for others, things were only getting started. On that note, transferdeadline day was 2 days ago and i think we were all surprised and shocked but hey, it wasn’t the most shocking transfer window
One competition i have not written about (and i apologise) is la Seria A. Seria A for me is the romantic football competition, it has deep wounds, history of no other and hey, when you have Berlusconi there you are rarely out of the spotlight. What a man.
Looking at the standings of la Seria A, we are all surprised:
Chievo 6
Torino 6
Sassuolo 6
Inter 6
Palermo 6
Sampdoria 4
Roma 4
Genoa 3
Atlanta 3
Fiorentina 3
Udinese 3
Milan 3
Lazio 3
Napoli 1
Hellas Verona 1
Bologna 0
Juventus 0
Empoli 0
Frosinone 0
Capri 0
È vero, non sto scherzando….si, solo abbiamo giocato 2 partite, nonostante, siamo un poco sciocati. Inter, pretty much with an almost new XI are up amognst the top 4 at the moment even though it looks a little strange. Pero, dobbiamo dare il nostro meglio a Chievo, Torino e Palermo per essere l’uniche winners!
The international break came at a perfect time for these teams; Milan, Napoli, Juventus and also Inter even though out of Milan, Juve, Napoli they have grabbed all 6 points, not being the prettiest but hey, they got the job done.
Milan, i Rossoneri, the backbone of Seria A, we almost forget their dominance in European football, but boy does the apple fall far from the tree……the past 3 seasons f the Seria A for the Rossoner has been one to dimenticare, 12/13 finishing 3rd, 13/14 finising 8th, 14/15 finishing 10th. This decline of one of the most prestigious football club in the world is astonoshing and it has shocked all of us. From European football to not being able to finish in the top 4 two seasons running.
This season however looks as if it os following the same steps as the last. Milan at the moment sit 12th winning 1 match. Losing to Fiorentina 2-0 and the beating a very good Empoli 2-1. These results were not thr prettiest but hey, its the result that counts remember. Mihajlovic has a very tough season ahead. Now, Gallani and Berlusconi have all signed a number of great players this transfer window; Bacca, Adriano, Romagnoli, Balotelli, Bertolacci and Ely.
Bacca, the best ST last seaon, scoring for fun with Sevilla both domestically and in their Europa Cup winning campaign. It is tough to fathom a player like Bacca giving up European football in its entirety to play for Milan and help them qualify fot Champions League football (isn’t that hard to say).
Luiz Adriano, similar story, Champions League, scoring over 5 goals in yhe group stage for Shakhtar Donetsk, now, needs to score them for Milan to help them qualify for European football.
Romagnoli, one of the most promising young, Italian CB of the future. His last season with Empoli landed him to sign with the Rossoneri and together with his CB partner Ely, freshened up the defense but it looks very shaky. Yes both are very young and in the position they are in, this season will test them both and maybe Mihajlovic’s patienc also….
How can we forget, Mario Balotelli returns to his stomping grounds after one of the worst season with Liverpool. 1 goal for the reds and Gallani, Mihajlovic and Berlusconi have showed faith like no other. Balotelli for years has been the poster boy of Italian football, the striker for the ages, sadly his reputation makes us forget all that. Football-wise he has everything going for him it is only a matter of time this shows! In my opinion, this season will be his season, i am sure he wasnt to represent his country and do well. Now, I am not sure how Mihajlovic will operate with 3 strikers….
There is so much criticism only 2 weeks in, the midfield looks solid at times with the likes of Bertolacci, De Jong and Honda playing behind the strikers. But defensilvely it doesn’t look good. The age of both Centre backs is 41!!! These boys have so much to learn and also its Milan for god sakes the CB positions are sacred! Gattuso and also Maldini! No pressure!
This international comes at a very good time for Milan. Thes 2 weeks will be vital for the defense, midfield to sharpen up. Yes players are on Internation duty and some aren’t, this time will give them the space they need to reflect and also learn from fellow international teammates about their respective positions.
Inter, bentornati ragazzi, you sit top of the “top 5 pile” but not yet top of the league. Grabbing all 6 points this season makes this international break all the less annoying. Inter last season under returning manager Roberto Mancini a very up, down season no positives at all. Finishing 8th behind Genoa and Sampdoria. Inter ran out winners against Atlanta 1-0, and against Capri 2-1. But sadly lets bring them back to earth. The victory over Atlanta was very tough, returning to the San Siro would have been very nerve-wrecking, facing the tifosi who last season couldn’t stand you and at time playing in a very bleek, empty stadium was a task in itself. Now, against Atlanta they won 1-0 thanks to new boy Jovetic stealing the 3 points with a fantastic debut goal on the 18 yard box with a curling shot on the 91st minute. Well, isn’t that something! Exactly the return Mancini and Thoir wanted! Sadly however, Inter boy Icardi came off injured early in the first half with a muscle strain. Apparently it happened in the pre game warm up but Icardi told Mancini that he was fine and could play…..we cannot discard this boys passion for la maglia! You don’t just finish 3rd by a goal in the contest for Capocanoniere behind Luca Toni and Carlos Tevez.
Inter to put it lightly, have practically bought themselves a new starting XI: Handanovic,Telles, Murillo, Miranda, Santon, Kondogbia, Melo, Perisic, Jovetic, Icardi, Ljalic. This starting XI makes you very pleased and hopeful for this season. One now can put season last and welcome the new faces and just hope that these boys can and will bring the goods this season for the Interisti. You don’t just spend crazy amounts of money for nothing….
Napoli, last seaon under Benitez very very short. And with finishing 5th crazy lands him the Real Madrid job is all a bit strange… (the football business is really something). Napoli are really the underachievers of the famous top 5 in Italian football. Last season they were for a while in 2nd place but with the pressure mounting them they slipped and slipeed very fast. A fight agaisnt Roma for the top 2 finished with Napoli 5th infront of Genoa…..El Pipita Higuain had again a great season for Napoli, emotional return for Insigne but they just qualified for Europa League, being knocked out in the Semis at home against Dinipro hurt.
Two games in they sit 14th with 1 point out of a possible 6. Losing to a very good Sassuolo side at home, with goals to Hamsik, Flores (SAS) and the winner in the 84th min to Sansone (SAS). Was a real blow for Napoli. As that game went on, we can draw positives. A very strong start by Napoli scoring on just 3′ by a very dangerous and lively Hamsik, Insigne back at full pace, Callejon and Gabbiadini came on as substitutes and proved how dangerous they can be with fantastic cameos but Sassuolo all credit to them defensively kept them at bay. Higuain however, looked very sluggish and tired still not up to speed after a long Copa America campaign, Chiriches was very solid at the back keeping Berardi where he should be, Hylaj very, very good and a stellar performance for me but, Valdifiori was mediocre and also David Lopez, i forgot at times he was even on he field….Maggio at times showed gow dangerous he can be with his pace and sadly in this game he was at fault with the 2 goals.
As the result sucks for Napoli this international break gives Sarri perfect time to gel his team in attack and also defense. This side has enormous potential this season and luckyly these mistakes are fixable.
Napoli v Sampdoria. This match was one to watch. It finished 2-2 and boy how a team can’t hold a lead! It started at full pace the first 10′ with Higuain opening his account in 10′, then just after the half hour mark on 33′ he struck again looking like the Higuain of last season and not the one who smashed the penalty in the Copa America final to mars…..but as always leads only last for so long….man of th hour Eder pulls one back on 57′ via a penaly and then the blow, 2 minuites later 59′ Eder scores again. Napoli are a very penetratable team and can be exploited very easily with numerous weak spots as in their previous match against Sassuolo.
Sarri has a task on his this season. To quickly gel gis team together and have hem play fast attacking football with be high on his list but the exploits posed by Sassuolo and Samp will worry him and maybe make him re think his tactics and starting XI.
Roma, second week into the Seria A season with 4 points/6 in 7th spot probably justifies how they have been playing. Drawing agaisnt Hellas but, with huge bragging rights beating Juventus at Lo Stadio Olympico 2-1.
As Roma faced a very dopey Juventus side this scoreline really could have been greater. Pjanic was MOTM for me. First half was fantastic and could have opened up his account but unluckily hitting the post. Roma looked a very good side coming up against Allegri’s men who looked still at odds. Roma on the other hand looked like a team who was ready to put finishing 2nd behind and aim agaon for top spot. It took for 61′ to open the scoring through Pjanic woth a delightful freekick just outside the 18 lifting it over the wall and into the back of the net, Buffon could do nothing about. New boy Dzeko certainly looked comfortable coming up against Chiellini and did get one over him. With 10 minutes left and a Falque cross in towards Dzeko, Dzeko climbs over Chiellini to put it his header past Buffon and Roma were up 2-0 and welcome Dzeko!!!
The score finished 2-1 and Roma deserved every bit of it. Out playing the Champions and if the scenes at the stadium were to go by then hey, keep going Roma there is nobody stopping you! Forza!!!!
Juventus, la vecchia signora…..stiamo aspettando qualche spiegazione per le ultime due resultati pero… lo troviamo!!! Not winning your first 2 league games in the clubs’ history!!!! Thats the last thing Juventus needed in their record books. First losing to Udinese and now to Roma who simple played them off the park.
This international break really comes fortuitously for i bianconer because even i am trying to find excuses for their recent results. I know we have sto stop using the “they can’t replace Pirlo and Vidal” yes the loss of those 2 players is absolutely huge and we can’t replace Vidal’s characteristics on the  pitch or the calm Pirlo brought in the midfield, but its time. Juventus need to re focus and put all their attention to week 3 of la Seria A.
The transfer news of the last 4 days for Juventus were as they would say “pazzo!” Crazy indeed. First losing Draxler in the weirdest of circumstances to Wolfsburg, having played mediocridly in the 1st week but the last 2 days were good. Signing Hernanes and Lemina can actually be the missing link in Juve’s problems. Hernanes has been an asset to la Seria A serving long time with Inter and if he was shocked when Juve approached and signed him imagine the Juventini. Lemina also, a star for Ligue 1 outfit Marseille, i think its easy to say we are in good hands. So if it is up to one of these guys to solve the midfield drama then we are in safe hands.
Allegri needs this break more than any coach in the legaue. Losing both opening games hurt and make fans nervous and impatient. This break will serve new players to quickly gel and find their feet in this team because the last results were a huge embarrassment. And i speak for all, no more Padoin per favore! Yes, Juve are limited in their midfield but you would think, this was a huge chance for Padoin and he blew it. Marchisio looks like he made a fast recovery and should be available for week 3 and boy does that make us Juventini relieved!
A presto!
Ciao 🙂
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