Champions League

The Chaaaampioooooons!!!
We welcome the return of this beautiful competition.
The draw, the most nerve-wrecking 2 hours for us as spectators and for our beloved football clubs. Lets see how they turned out.
Group A
I know what you guys were thinking, when Real Madrid were placed in Group A, yeah, what a mouthwatering encounter!  First game, PSG REAL MADIRD. This game will ride on who will qualify 1st or 2nd. Because as always 2nd placed team always has the worst outcome with who to verse in the elimination round.
As Real Madrid were drawn and the cameras were on President Naseer Al-Khelaifi, all he could do was smile. Oh the odds….
PSG, how can we forget their fairy tale run almost to the finals against Chelsea. David Luiz and Thiago Silva scoring late and onto the Semis they went. Yes it stopped there but how can we rule out PSG again this year going the whole way?
They have the players and enough belief to push anyone out of the way, and why not stand your ground in the group stage against the likes of Real Madrid, Shakhtar and Malmö?
Madrid, first week in la Liga and they drew with Gijon, and they look very shaky and not quite there yet….the ongoing drama with the new coach Benitez, the fans not wanting him or understanding his ‘philosophy’, the random signing of Kovacic (i know im not the only one thinking it) and just in general when the famous BBC will start firing. This face off will have everything, both sets kf XI need this and then some. Yes it has only been a week since La Liga started and boy are we quick to judge. All we want are results and for Los Merengues, it will just give Benitez time, and time, looks very thin when you are the coach of Real Madrid. Real Madrid will always be favorites in this competition and this year again. Yes, Last year they lost to Juventus in the semis and they just didn’t turn up and Juventus held them at their home to only lose to Barcelona. Now, new look Madrid when they are on, boy are they on and for me once again, it will be them in final 4. They will not struggle in the group stage against these 3 because they want to put last years elimination out the window.
Shakthar Donetsk, who will forget their group stage run, scoring goals for absolute fun, well Luis Adriano, but yes their Champions League dream was cut very short by Real Madrid but losing Adriano is massive because he pretty much sent them out of group stage, and losing him is a huge loss.
Malmö, sweet Malmö, yes this a very tough group to be placed in after a very tough qualifying games just a few days prior, hurts. However, Malmö are a very tough team, im sure with the likes of PSG and Real Madrid the scenes and the stadium will be jumping and the crowd will be sure to give nothing to these away teams and Malmö will make sure it won’t be easy on the pitch.
Group B
Manchester United
CSKA Moscow
This group in my opinion is wide open. With the likes of PSV, United, CSKA, Wolfsburg, the final 2 to qualify will be up until the final group stage match. We welcome back Manchester United after their Champions League hiatus and we as spectators welcome this group.
PSV, a very good team, very versatile, and a very good season domestically. and with a very strong possibility to get out of this group. Memphis Depay welcomes old friends as he will face his former club and I think his United team mates are happy he is on their side and he isn’t on the other side.
United come off the qualifying stages for the champions league a couple days ago after completely destroying Club Brugge 3-1 at home and then 4-0 away. So i believe they are ready. In this group, it will be tough, the away games in stadiums like in PSV, Moscow, and Wolfburg will really test this United under Van Gaal, and with how they are performing in the PL they really need to pull their socks up if they want to go or at least try for the CL.
Wolfsburg, the surprise package last season in the bundesliga with match winningperformances, goals galore, beating Munich, and one man leading the way, Kevin De Bruyne. Yes he has been in the papers for over a month now with negotiations with City if and when he will be signing with them, if he stays Wolfsburg will be making it hard for every team that will be playing  in Volkswagen Arena. Not only is it KDB running things in Wolfsburg its the other 10 men that helped them push for domestic titles last season. Perisic had also a very good campaign and is most likely on the way out with talks growing with Inter Milan.
CSKA Moskva. They have met with other Manchester team in their Champions League history and as always, making life difficult for them. Facing the likes of United, PSV and Wolfsburg will again create difficult hurdles for them as the match days go on. They are tough opponents so CSKA will need to be fit and firing if they want to get out of this group. Losing Doumbia was huge, his pace really created havoc for the oppossing team and as his void has been covered, they need to look up and press on. Tosic, Akinfeev are big players for them and they will need to be on top.
Group D 
Manchester City
Wow, Wow and Wow!
What is it with Manchester City and the Champions League, they cannot catch a break! Drawing Italian Champions Juventus, spanish giants Sevilla, and Monchengladbach….tough!
Juventus just quietly were in the final last year beated by of course Barca, and Man City not being able to pass the round of 16…so….? Sevilla, Europa League champions years running and finally on the actual big stage with the big boys of Italian and English football! YES! Monchengladbach yeah i hope you’re okay. They will however, pose a lot of trouble for these 3 teams. It is not easy for teams to play away in Germany as their fans will make the stadium a very hostile place.
Juventus, take a bow for what they accomplished last year, reaching the final in Berlin “Ce ne andiamo Berlinoooooo” Yes they were beated by Barca but hey, they were very much in the game and they will most definitely, put that loss behind and make this year their year. Losing players like Tevez, Vidal, Pirlo and just recently Llorente hurts, as they were extremely important in that Champions League last year. Recruitment has been busy at Juventus, Dybala, Manzdukic, Cuadrado are in and are smart acquisitions by Marotta and hopefully they can sign a midfielder before the window closes as that is the only spot to fill. I think people forget how inspirational this club is. Leadership bleeds through this club and if they need more motivation to push for this years Champions League trophy with the likes of Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli on the field, they’re crazy .There is no way we can question if they can do it again because they can. It is Juventus Football Club people! Forza Ragazzi!
Manchester City, “Why always me?” another tough group, but hey, we’re used to this aren’t we? I must admit as a passionate Manchester City fan this group is very attractive and i can’t wait for the games that await us. Manchester City fell second behind Chelsea in seasons last PL campaign, but if early season form is to go by, bring on Juventus!!! Manchester City are on fire, playing as never before, and if it were now these 2 would be meeting, Juventus would be on the losing side.
Champions League at the Etihad are always nervous affairs, one never knows what will happen or if Manchester City will turn up! City plays really attractive, jaw dropping football and this is where they need to turn it on. Luckily for them, their weapons, Yaya Toure, David Silva, Aguero up front….wow. At the back, Kompany and Otamendi…again…WOW. It will be tough and to pick a winner at this point is not fair but, boy are we ready!!! CTID
Sevilla, winning the Europa League is just the norm for them. Now welcome to the other big stage with the big boys of Juventus and Manchester City and Monchengladbach!. Sevilla are a very good side, solid all over the park and with that Spanish fighting spirit that nobody can take away, boy do they also stand a very good chance getting out of this group. Reyes an absolute legend will lead this Sevilla side and far. Sevilla recently signed Juventus old boy Llorente and what a signing. Llorente is very versatile given his height. Heading is fantastic, on the ball his touch is percise, and when he turns and shoots wow for a big man. Facing his old teammates will be tough as they know his closely and vice versa, this game will be very passionate.
Monchengladbach, tough to watch and see what group they were handed. I must admit i do not know very much about Monchengladbach, but as results show they haven’t welcomed the new season with open arms. 4-0 loss to Dortmund and losing 2-1 to Mainz looks a bit shaky. With 3 weeks until the first match day against Sevilla the page has to turn if they want this opportunity to make it out of this group.